About Us

Don’t let your sister fool you. Being basic is as old as time.

Even though the term “basic” has only been around since around 2015 (date of the top Urban Dictionary definition), the idea is older than the first cavewomen who ate mammoth eggs with sparkling grog for brunch. But the true OG, the queen of everything we know and love, didn’t exist until the late 18th century.

Enter Marie Antoinette.

This girl threw the fuck down. She beheaded Chads for talkin’ shit, could have had a Youtube channel for her makeup game, and rumor has it she was the first to do group yoga classes. She had it all.

On her final stand, faced with starving peasants, hungry for booty, she regally leaned out of her daddy’s Lexus, and yelled unto them:

“If they’re hungry, let them eat ass.”

We humbly have taken up the mantle of Queen Betches since no one else has stepped up to the plate. But we promise, nay, facking SWEAR to you, dear betches, to give you hilarious, kind of offensive, and always fucked up tank tops as long as there are betches out there. Betches with a dream. Betches with edge. Betches with style. But most of all.

Here’s to being basic.